Let’s Hangout+!

Thursday October 16th at 6pm EST I’m going LIVE!

I love live events because the energy is roaring and this Thursday we are talking hashtags, Instagram and Facebook.

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5 Reason why you should come LIVE to the Hangout !

#1 We can chat together. – I love being live, it gives me tons of energy to hear your smiling face on the line.  If you are new to following me you will hear a little bit about growing my own holistic practice and what I did online to get more clients.

#2 Training – It’s all about the hashtag and we are going to go over WHY you MUST be including hashtags in your social media photos PLUS a HUGE change Instagram just made last week to their hashtag policy.  This is important stuff!

#3 Q & A – I’ll be answering your Q’s live on the Hangout+.  Thinking about joining the Social Media Photo Creation Bootcamp but not sure if the bootcamp is for you?  I’m here for you.  I’m open, transparent and If’ I don’t have an answer live I’ll make sure to research it ands post it on my Facebook page within a few days after the Hangout+.

#4 Meet Allen, our social media manager here at Relaxation Business Coaching. He’s going to give you actionable tips for growing your following.  Good stuff!

#5 Stay To The End Bonus!!  SO I’m breaking the spoiler alert and I’ll be giving away a FULL Scholarship to the Bootcamp to one lucky winner that stays till the end of the Live Hangout.  That’s a $97 value!

So let’s hangout together, bring your social media marketing questions to the live event.  It’s going to be fun!

You must register for the hangout, do that here.

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Love + Success,

Kristen Tammaro-Sparks

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PS:  No worries if you just can’t make the Hangout live, There is still time to enroll in my Social Media Photo Creation Bootcamp, don’t wait sign up now.


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