fuz box 1024x1024 Free Webinar: Double Your Time And Find Your Unique Genius

Double Your Time, Find your Unique Genius And Work In Your Sweet Spot

On this 60 minute webinar you will learn how to:

  • Understand your unique learning ability.
  • Learn to stop fighting against your natural abilities and use them to your advantage.
  • Find the best place to hire an assistant.
  • Top 5 tasks that are killing your business.
  • What tasks you should be doing and what tasks your assistant should handle.
  • How to pay for an assistant.
  • What to look for in a good assistant.
  • How to hire help and work with less distractions.

There are only 125 spots available so make sure you get in!


April 24th at 7pm EST  You will receive the call in and login details 24 hours before the webinar.

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See you on the webinar!

Kristen Tammaro-Sparks

P.S. – All attendees will receive a recording.

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How Disaster Taught Me The Art Of Letting Go

January 28, 2014

Tweet How Disaster Taught Me The Art Of Letting Go I used to be scared, no, terrified to let go of anything. I would save old flowers from dances, old pictures I drew when I was five years old, letters from home during summer camp…if it had any sort of meaning (and I would find […]

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3 Strategies For Realistic Goal Setting

December 30, 2013

Tweet We all have those amazing big goal that we meant to introduce last year but never did.  You know, those goals with good intention but little follow through.  Getting healthy is on the top of most everyone’s mind at the beginning of the new year.  I actually like New Years Resolutions because I like […]

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F Is For Family Not Business

November 26, 2013

Tweet Being a small business owner is not for everyone, here are 3 trends I have noticed in the last 10 years of  building businesses. You have to know the principals of marketing to be a good business owner, which is build relationships first, sell second. You have to NOT be emotionally attached to your […]

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Is Using WordPress For Your Business Website Really Worth it?

November 14, 2013

Tweet It seems like small business owners are trying to catch up with their online presence.  The biggest problem that these owners face is how to start, and what option is the best for their web solution.  There are many website platforms and development software available for owners to do a deep dive into.  The […]

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Free WordPress Website Training To Get Your Black Friday Sales Rockin

October 25, 2013

Tweet   Hey There Holistic Entrepreneur! Building your WordPress website is cheaper and easier than you think. It’s time to put your blog out there, get more visitors to your website and sell more gift certificates.   Having A Websites Is An Essential For Any Business Not knowing where to start is often times why […]

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Fill Same-Day Appointments Quickly Without Changing Your Business Hours

September 6, 2013

Tweet Growth in your business happens when you use two words…yes and no. Their polar opposite effects can collide into a harmonious pile of profit. Since day one I really didn’t like taking same day appointments. I had done that for 4 years while working other companies and I was ready for a new chapter in my brand […]

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Small Business Success Creates Big Change

August 29, 2013

Tweet Friday is THE busiest day for my massage practice so I typically only get to check my email twice a day – once early in the morning and again late at night. So, I was very surprised and honored when I checked my email at 9:30 Friday night and found out I was named one of […]

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How She Sold a Weeks Worth Of Appointments In One Day

August 21, 2013

Tweet I have a story for you today but there is also some new additional training that just got added to my signature system Marketing Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag™ that is going to be a game changer for some of you that only need 4-5 extra clients a week. Facebook brought Lorinda […]

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RBC TV: Facebook Trick – How to Tag Someone Without Using Their Whole Name

August 13, 2013

Tweet   If you’re using Facebook to announce new marketing campaigns, engage with your clients, and connect with your community, people are going to respond. They might “like” what your saying or they might leave a comment and it’s nice to be able to talk directly back to them in the same post. Here’s how […]

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